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Cecelia Beaux was a master of warmer, more intimate scenes.  Her Last Days of Infancy, and her cat Sarita

Unlike the damsel who is this poor sap's object of affection.  He is (WInslow Homer's)

           Waiting for an Answer  

(I am Fred the California doggie)

Five Six hundred years ago, the Popes had kids.

Here is Velasquez's Pope Innocent the 3rd and his grandsons.  Are they trying to pull a fast one on him, or attending to his needs?   And is he wise to them or not?  This ambiguity is part of the power of this painting. 

Velasquez also painted the pope himself, which is a more polished portrait - the folds and shading of the fabric create a lot of visual interest. 

Speaking of paintings full of empty spaces, here is Edward Hopper's Western Motel, and Hopper himself

OK, and as long as we're in the Renaissance, it's time for some old church guys.

​Titian                      Michaelangelo                    Tintoretto

But we will com back to you, Ms. Carpathia, because here is a modern painter who is giving Raphael a run for his money!

Who are you?

​I'm Metri di Trecce.  Call me Darren.

​Will Wilson painted both of us.

I like to Set Sail myself some times.
And all the folks on Seurat's Grande Jatte Island like to watch me on Sunday .

   This is a big picture - it takes up a whole wall in Chicago's art museum

This is Van Eyck's wedding.  Quite a outfit the man (boy?) is wearing.  But at least the dame is willing.

The Top Three!

Mona Lisa by Da Vinci,                    Starry Night by Van Gogh                       and Demoiselles of Avignon by Picasso

This is Da Vinci's Lady with Ermine, and take a look at her hands.  He made Lisa's hands a little more prominent than they needed to be, and he takes that to an extreme here.   As art historians note, her little friend copies her gesture with its paw.

Caravaggio was a master of light and shadow, but also a man of passion and violence, and his paintings are a far cry from the blissful madonnas of his contemporaries.  In his  CardSharps, they boy is getting tricked out of his money and worse is to come.

Here is my friend Mario!  (Caravaggio's Boy with Basket of Fruit)   We're going to a party in Rome tonight.  I'll spare you the banana jokes.

This is one of the hills in the French king's realm (Mont St. Victoire by Cezanne)


She had a little doggie just like me, and I would play with it and her ermine when the girls went out for Starbucks.

I think Caravaggio inspired Arcimboldo and his Veggie Man   (I am the Foot Yam)

If she doesn't say yes, we will have to consider Benton's Ballad  of the Jealous Lover.

And here is her girlfirend Donna Velata  by Raphael

No one could paint women more beautifully, although Renoir tried Twinkle, what are you doing here?  {Twinkle is Cocoa's mother}

Chardin's Lady Taking Tea, and Renoir's Flowers in Vase.  Great indoor paintings!  Here is a fancy French countess by Ingress, and a lovely water lily pond outside by Monet

Here is another hill which Christine is climbing.  She is handicapped and can't stand up, so this is how she gets around.  (Andrew Wyeth) 

God Almighty, what's going to happen to me when I die? is what he's thinking.

    Unlike Raphael's Pope Leo X and his boy toy cardinals, who have other thoughts and definite plans for the future, centered around money and power, more so than ecclesiatical matters.  As Medicis, they are rulers of the Florentine city-state. 

Georges la Tour's The Cheat with the Ace of Diamonds is a more lighthearted treatment of the same subject.  The shady character is just that, but in this privileged whitest of white girls world, nothing too bad is going to happen.

Benton's paintings always look like he is doing drugs!   Here is another visionary artist - Chagall's Newlyweds at the Eiffel Tower

His paintings depict imaginary scenes of G-rated lovers, completely unlike the reality of war-torn Europe that he was so happy to escape and come to the US.

Compare him to ​King Louis XIV (fourteenth) of France, Rigaud's most famous and greatest painting.  Similar poses, each regarding the viewer with a steady gaze, as I do (I am Embrace)

The Mona Lisa is the

world's most famous painting

(Until FWB gets better known, of course)

So tell us about it. 

What's she smiling about?

                   She just found out she is pregnant.

Or maybe she has a hot date tonight, and is planning to get pregnant, more likely.

That's why it is such a great painting -

not easy to paint an ambiguous smile and wise,

warm eyes the way Leonardo has done.

Where is the painting?

Everything is on Google Images.

No, the actual physical painting.

The Louvre, in Paris France.  It always has

quite a crowd of people gaping at it.

First, let's meet the guides

The Fish with Booties says:

Welcome to The World's Greatest Paintings!


A Yam Art Museum Museum

Not his famous Kiss, but another fine painting by Gustav Klimt, of Adele Bloch Bauer, his "golden girl"

I am Rhonda.  I think David Hockey was influenced by Cezanne, with a little bit of Georgia O'Keefe thown in - her Music pink and blue

Here is another party scene, but in a happier outdoor setting - Renoir's Boating Party  (Men still wore top hats then)

And here is the river they were just on - Manet's Banks of the Seine.  

Hey, time to get off the beach -we got a wedding to go to tonight!

Rebecca                                       Roxanne

​Ruthie                                          Rhianna

​        and there will be others as well