brokeback yam

Yams will break if you drop them.

In honor of Elizabeth Aquino and her beautiful Blog, Dec 2008, where she comments on this painting and reports the following:

I knew the women were on the edge of the end of middle age or already a few years into whatever comes after middle age. I knew this by the sound of their voices and later, when I looked, I was right. But I digress because here's the conversation I heard:

Lady #1: "I'm so sorry that we didn't make dinner beforehand."
Lady #2: "Oh, don't worry."
Lady #1: "No, I feel bad. Why don't you come over afterward for a yam?"
Lady #1 (again): "I had half a yam this afternoon but have the other half leftover. You can have the rest.
Lady #3: I do love a yam.

i just want to go to sleep

Painted in one sitting on 4/26/2002.

crazy doodles with ram

 The oil derrick at lower right looks like a cow.  20x30

Yam on Board

on a piece of wood  11 x 14  Feb 2016

4 little weirdos

21 x 28  The real dream sequence is the Hexagons. I dreamt of hexagons that were greatly elongated horizontally, practically into rods, and then stacked in threes. The work is on poster board, because it was painted around the turn of the century, before I started using canvas, unfortunately undated.  It even got wet when the sunroom roof sprung a leak.  I did not post it for years because I thought it was moronic and juvenile, but I am slowly changing my mind.



Both words are dream words, "stulia" meaning "man growing out of a tree".  He is looking at Lynn Wyatt, one of the world's most beautiful and best dressed women, standing on a summer squash whose flowers contain dancing space aliens.. 24x36



Let's be honest here. ALL museums have works that fit this description.  There is a time and place for everything.  With brick and mortar museums, that place is in the stacks, out of sight.  On the web, where space is infinite, they have their own little hangout, here.  I hope you enjoy them.


11x14, June 2007.

Based on the mass of this Yam, I think the wave is going to get wiped out.

three pots and a pan

The range top has turned into a river flowing between the cookware.  Note the trees on pan ridge.  There is a tempest in the teapot.   19x24

[Yam Art Museum]

This is the original inspiration (if you can call it that) for ODoVB.