polka dots

Some visual art has its own logic which cannot be described in words. 18x24

stop or you will become a yammig

Yam’ mig adj 1. literal but rare: The conversion of a locomotive into a cucumber, as in "become a yammig". 2. idiomatic, colloquial usage: representative of a small dog that thinks it is a big dog. "Bunch of yammigs", "That was a yammig movie". Yom' mig adj 1. Pertaining to something that really is a big dog, as opposed to a yammig. Cf yosmodog, the superlative form.  18x24


Froggie speaks with a forked tongue.  That's Y everYthing she saYs starts with a Y.  The man is earnestly beseeching her advice.  This is dog language, as opposed to egg language.  I don't know what the words mean, but if he listens to her, he will be happy enough to do handstands.  Otherwise, he is owl food.  24x24



 The unmarked police car is leaving as the robots arrive.  24x24

dinosaurs with mouse yam

24 x 30 June 2012  A reproduction of 4 Little Weirdos, on canvas and slightly larger.  It has the Mouse Yam, which I discovered in Burlington NC on Mayday when I was helping a little old lady pick out sweet potatoes for her dinner. Also the bottom panel is transformed.  The canvas was originally intended for Cousin Bernie, but it was too small.

my favorite spot on earth

the avenue i train station

​2010 Inspired by the painting "Twilight Confidences" by Cecelia Beaux, a truly great artist and one of my favorites.  That work is an anomaly in her ouvre, just as this one is in mine.    There are nineteen magical spots on earth, three in North America.  They come and go.  Right now this is one of them. 28x22.

chinese eye candy

Stylized, stereotypical Chinese images, harmoniously arranged.  The primary point was to have a red stripe next to a pink stripe.  The world's skinniest dragon top right.  20x30

orange day on vegetable beach

20x30  Fall 2000

 To prevent overcrowding, Vegetable Beach restricts admission to a different color of vegetable each day.  The orange gained admittance on a technicality.  "Hey, today is Orange Day, and I'm an orange". But the tangerine did not want to risk the worm police, after seeing what happened to the foolhardy apricot.  Also notice the remnants of a grape.
     As originally conceived, this picture was vertical, not horizontal.  There was an ocean to the left, and a city to the right, of the beach.  Fruits were welcome guests, and cooling polka dots were rolling off the sea onto the land.  But I realized that without my intending to, the sea had turned into a four-eyed worm eating Michael Quigli's grape!  (See 2WOIQ.) This led to notions of property rights, arbitrary property rights, trespassing and the consequences thereof, as expressed in the final version, which has a more somber tone than is usual in my paintings.  (Michael Quigli and his ridiculous grape are completely fictitious, although there are several real Michael Quigleys.)

Tribute to Modigliani, the Horse is by Remington

   There was a photograph of a man sitting at a drafting table, on a stool.  I liked it so much I wanted to repaint it all in yellow.  I thought the man was Modigliani. Later I learned he wasn’t.

  His eyes are three different shades of yellow.  Her nose is a jalapeno pepper.  29x23

the cupcake

another tribute to lower manhattan

 Inspired by the Butcher, the Baker, and the Candlestick maker. The latter has become a ghost upon seeing the puffin.  The tall bird is a cormorant. Painted Spring of 2002. The  bakery is Lucinda's Bakery, run by David Dagney.  If you think the Albanese Butcher's pink underwear violates the Museum's no nudity policy, no, I was trying to achieve the layered look.19x24

great big speckled egg

 Eggs speak in couplets, like "gazimp /gazomp", and this painting has all known words of Egg Language. (also ka-trimp, ka-tromp, ka-plomp, kla-pomp, ga-rimp, ga-romp, gal-yamp, gla-vimp, and the singular gizzle-yomp)  This painting was actually the palette for another painting.
 2005  30x22

crop circles over amarillo

classical realists

In honor of the American Society for Classical Realism and its distinguished patrons.  16x20

Teamer Archevan / Temeur Archevan

The first title is from a dream.  I don’t know what it means.  Upon awakening, I immediately started calling it by the second title.  Teamer as in lemur, but temeur as in demure, or obscure. (Not Demi Moore, who is neither).  Much better than “cityscape”, temeur invokes the Central European feeling of Washington DC that I wished to convey.  The view from room 815 of the Hilton hotel on Mass Ave.

May 2016  22 x 30


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coming soon



I'm having a great life, full of richness and wonder, ha-ha!  Same as yours, probably.

Dec 2018  16x20

What's with all the crazy language on this page, little fishie?

Rimbo Kaze Beep Nal!



Are they coming for her, or is she just watching them pass through?