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How to reach me

send an email to Yammie


Copyright info

Personal, noncommercial use: make as many electronic or physical copies as you want for your personal enjoyment, and to share with your family and friends. They have no hidden signatures and are not copy protected, although they are copyrighted. Feel free to use them as screen savers, in documents, etc.  If you want high-definition .jpg files, just request and I will be happy to email.

‚ÄčCommercial/Public use: You may reproduce for sale or public display as many copies as you want for a license fee of 5% of sales. You can copy the whole picture as big as you want, or just a part of it, as long as you include or add the yamartmuseum.com url. This includes posters, any type of book or book cover, toys, video games, clothes, etc.

Charitable use: Same as commercial, less 10% discount.