[Yam Art Museum]

My Short Biography

    Professionally, I am a nomad.  I live in the big city but fly away somewhere, anywhere, all week every week.   (This is my doggie Cocoa, son of Dijon out of Twinkle.)
   I did take an excellent course in Italian Renaissance Art in college, and I've always played the piano.
   I suddenly started painting yams in May 1999, for strange and unexpected deep compulsive reasons. The yams come from the grocery store.   The other paintings' subjects come from dreams, visions, and contemplations.

  In 2012 I even went to the Yamboree in Gilmer Texas!  See pictures above. That's Stephanie Henson, the 2008 Yam Queen, to the right.

   And perhaps her sister Drew, the 2011 Yam Queen, below, with President Randy Hill