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All paintings can be divided into 2 major groups, with an orthogonal subgroup.  This insight is my contribution to the theory of Art History; in that for the first time, we have an easy-to-understand framework of reference for understanding all of Western Art.  There are Yams, Non-Yams, and Water Paintings

All Art1  Yams2  Non-Yams
a. dry land

b. water paintings

Type 1a, the most important, is Dry Yams. Type 2b, the rarest, is Yams in or near water.  Most paintings are type 2a – dry non yams.  All major European art museums are Type 2 (see tab WGP). The Yam Art Museum has separate galleries for each type except 1b.

Ode to Yam

by ChatGPT, in Shakespearean style!

Oh, wondrous yam, in soil you layeth low, With earthy coat, and bark so rough to show. Yet underneath this gnarled and rugged guise, A treasure lies, beyond the common eyes.

For in thy flesh, a sweetness doth reside, A flavor rich, that doth my tongue provide. Thou art a feast, a luxury divine, That doth my senses captivate and entwine.

Thy tender meat, so soft and succulent, Doth melt in mouth, a taste so redolent. In pies and stews, in fries and bakes, Thy versatile nature doth my hunger slake.

Thy color bright, so pleasing to the eye, Doth gladden heart, and make the spirit high. A vegetable king, in all thy splendor, That doth my palate and my soul engender.

So here I sing, my ode to thee, dear yam, Thou art a gift, a treasure to this man. A bounty from the earth, so rich and true, Oh, yam, thou art a joy, in all ye do!

    Professionally, I am a nomad.  I live in the big city but fly away somewhere, anywhere, all week every week.   (This is my doggie Cocoa, son of Dijon out of Twinkle.)
   I did take an excellent course in Italian Renaissance Art in college, and I've always played the piano.
   I suddenly started painting yams in May 1999, for strange and unexpected deep compulsive reasons. The yams come from the grocery store.   The other paintings' subjects come from dreams, visions, and contemplations.

  In 2012 I even went to the Yamboree in Gilmer Texas!  See pictures above. That's Stephanie Henson, the 2008 Yam Queen, to the right.

   And perhaps her sister Drew, the 2011 Yam Queen, below, with President Randy Hill


My Short Biography