fish with booties eats a bug

16x20 Is that an egg or just a circle? This is a type 2b painting.

[Yam Art Museum]

caroline kennedy bakes a yam

2009 20x30
The time and the place: New York, In honor of Caroline (Schlossberg) Kennedy, she of the distinguished patrimony and significant personal accomplishments, upon the occasion of her requesting an appointment to the US Senate from Governor Paterson of New York.   This magnificent, heavily calloused and strikingly asymmetric yam was once a smooth little sweet potato. And Caroline Kennedy began life as a tiny princess. Look how they have both matured!  Now planning to follow the footsteps of her illustrious father and uncles, Ms. Kennedy summons the Society Brides to help her prepare for the rigors of public service. The gaping maw of a red hot oven now awaits the Yam; but as for Caroline Kennedy, soon to be nutrified, who can tell?

woodrow wilson on a mule

24x36   2006   Regarding Wilson's policies towards Blacks, Women, and Mexicans, the symbolism of this painting is transparently obvious and needs no elaboration.  I could not locate a 3/4 profile of Edith Galt, Wilson's second wife, who served as the nation's first female president for five months while he was incapacitated by a stroke.  So I have used the image of New York's junior senator, who is holding an EGg in her honor. The white loop in the snake is intentional.  The face to the left of the mule was not - it just showed up. I happily kept it.

Yam vs Cornbread  36x48

The final battle in the epic struggle between baked goods and root vegetables!  2019

the jessica on park

with Rogue planet and globular cluster

This painting is in honor of the great American acrylic (self-taught like me) visionary artist Jessica Park; and is full of direct quotes from her work, particularly her masterpiece The Flatiron Building. It also reflects my love of and familiarity with, Manhattan.  Hence the Lipstick Building with enclosed Yam, and the Cooper Union tower.  We both have an interest in astronomical phenomena.  The central building is the Helmsley Building on Park Avenue.  2013    36x24