Sage, what are you doing here?Well don't you think I belong here?

      Yes, you are an amazing painting.

      But no one has ever heard of you!

There is a strong clue about me in the Yams gallery.

                                        Can't find it


[Yam Art Museum]

30 x 24

Four views of the same Yam.  2007

what is


 the difference between Yams and Sweet Potatoes?
Many authorities have opined
 on this weighty subject. For instance, see  But artistically speaking, the answer is clear. Yams have more character!

"YAM" museums are
Yellowstone Art Museum  and the Yankee Air Museum

Not to Mention
for amazing fiddle music



to the Yam Art Museum.  Here is probably the largest collection of Yam paintings in the world, plus other works, all in Acrylic.

                                        Holy Toledo, where are we now? 
Welcome to the Yam Art Museum, lady!                            
Say, can you hand me that bug?                                          
                                                         And who might you be?
Why, I'm the Fish with Booties, the Museum Mascot!  
And who be-ith oo?

I am Sage